Zitat Dana Eichinger über Janina Lermer

Thanks to the brilliant work of Janina, Columbia speaks the (picture) language of outdoor fans and sportsmen. We are enthusiastic about their creativity and reliability.

Dana Eichinger

Columbia Sportswear
Marketing Manager

Spotty and formal - does not go for me. Janina recognized that immediately and made me a website, which is as colorful as my wardrobe. That fit so much better than the usual business websites! My colleagues were immediately envious.

Hannah Beitzer

Freelance journalist and author

A great colleague and friend, with lots of heart blood and inspiring ideas!

Karina Hagemann

Photographer and designer

I am always thrilled with how much enthusiasm, heart and brain Janina Lermer makes brands come alive.

Maren Martschenko

Brand consultant with espresso strategy
Tobi Böck über Janina Lermer

I appreciate the cooperation with Janina very much, because she tries to get to the bottom of things, in order to create the right and best results. Besides, she is just like me and I am convinced of her creativity..

Tobi Böck

vogelfrei – Tandem flying with professionals
Tandempilot and CEO

Sparkling creativity and loving precision down to the last detail: Janina Lermer succeeds in uniting two supposed opposites.

Thomas Weber

Content Partners GmbH
Zitat von Roland Söns über Janina Lermer

Quality prevails!

Roland Söns


I know Janina as a creative project partner with the ideal degree of perfectionism. With her hands-on mentality, you'll find the best solution in the digital and analogue world.

Tanja Deglau

Realization director

Janina is without exception one of the most professional and uniquely talented designers I've worked with. She not only intensely studies what your brand ID is about, but will make you understand your own brand much better. 

Jhon Alexander

Del Rosario LLC

To generate new ideas and concepts is always a pleasant and fruitful collaboration with Janina Lermer.

Dieter Deventer

Deventer Filmproduction

A lot of attention to detail and always the concept in mind - the perfect sparringparntner and colleague.

Claudia Siebenweiber

Siebenweiber Design
Brand Development

Janina has not only become part of our message, but has become part of it for some time.

Maria Schwertl

movements journal
Editorial board member