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If you cannot go outside, go inside. My 4 Learnings from the Corona Crisis

It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon. The sun is shining. COVID-19 doesn’t care about spring. Luckily! With all the forecasts and restrictions, only view will probably remain calm. Many small and medium-sized companies are suddenly on the brink of existence. It is interesting to observe how people react when the future is unpredictable. Some fall into blind actionism and hoard toilet paper, while elsewhere solidarity and compassion spread. Germany is known for good planning and processes. But what if nothing can be planned in the foreseeable future and processes have to be completely rethought? A willingness to change and problem-solving skills that Germany deems impossible is currently becoming noticeable. I’m an entrepreneur too. Although change feels natural to me, with which I am constantly surrounded and accompanying as a solo artist, I am also facing a few question marks. But before I let myself be overwhelmed by fear and worry or […]