If you cannot go outside, go inside. My 4 Learnings from the Corona Crisis

It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon. The sun is shining. COVID-19 doesn’t care about spring. Luckily! With all the forecasts and restrictions, only view will probably remain calm. Many small and medium-sized companies are suddenly on the brink of existence.

It is interesting to observe how people react when the future is unpredictable. Some fall into blind actionism and hoard toilet paper, while elsewhere solidarity and compassion spread.

Germany is known for good planning and processes. But what if nothing can be planned in the foreseeable future and processes have to be completely rethought? A willingness to change and problem-solving skills that Germany deems impossible is currently becoming noticeable.

I’m an entrepreneur too. Although change feels natural to me, with which I am constantly surrounded and accompanying as a solo artist, I am also facing a few question marks. But before I let myself be overwhelmed by fear and worry or deal with what the next sensible action could be and what measures I could take in the short and long term, I always come (back)to step 1:



I breathe in and out consciously, I recognize myself, I am in the heart. I focus on the present. Everything is good here and now. I have a home, I have food, I am healthy, I am grateful.Curiosity also spreads. Crises are our greatest teachers. What are the positive aspects of the situation? What will change? What will we be allowed to learn from the event and be able to take with us? I come to rest.


„Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.“ Simon Sinek

Now I am present (again). I can count myself lucky. I am feeling well and I am healthy. I am not part of the risk group. A feeling full of inner abundance spreads. I want to use my time and strength to help other people. Be it through purchases for my 90-year-old neighbor or by giving hope, consolation and confidence to other people. We should all ask ourselves these questions: Who can I actively support? Who can I give courage and confidence to?


Many of you are probably in the home office like me. It reminds me of my time as a student, when my desk and bed were in one room in a shared apartment and leisure and work were extremely mixed up. Fortunately, I can handle it differently today. I keep the routine of a normal working day, have breakfast, meditate and collect my thoughts in my journal. Changing clothes and bathroom routine remain the same. Then I start with my ToDos for the day. Every day I try to attend at least one online meeting or arrange a phone call, a digital coffee or a digital lunch date to keep in touch with my colleagues, customers and partners.Since projects are now postponed or not available, I use the time I have gained to research new digital tools, take online courses, maintain my brand presence and virtually network. Above all, however, I am busy answering the following questions: What is my greatest possible vision for the future? What do I want to stand for? How do I want to be perceived?


My sympathy goes, of course, to all sufferers and those affected by the pandemic. And I would like to thank all people who continue to work to ensure the supply of the population. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the many videos and pictures help me, which also draw a bit of humor from the situation. For example, pictures using toilet paper as a payment method or videos from the quarantine in which singles can toast their reflection.

_ _ _

But mental health is also health. I’ve been meditating for many years. Right now, I think it’s a good time to start or remain to a daily mediation practice. I would like to invite you to a guided meditation in my WhatsApp group, which will start this Thursday, March 26th. The meditation takes place in English. Every morning I will send a message with a task (in text form) and an audio file for meditation into the group. The meditation is led by Deepak Chopra. Small note: Since it is a WhatsApp group, your phone number will be visible to everyone – I hope this is ok. If you would like to participate, please send me a message to my email address with your telephone number: hallo@janinalermer.de

Stay healthy,

Janina Lermer